Best Kodi Repositories of 2018 !! (Updated Feb)

What is Kodi Repository?

The Kodi repositories are defined as a collection of channels that fascinates its users with hours of entertainment. Kodi repositories may contains a huge database while the others may be comprised of one or more channels.

Now let us see the list of best Kodi repositories.

  1. Super Repo
  2. Noobs and Nerds
  3. Xunity Talk Repo
  4. Kodi Official Repository
  5. Dandy Media
  6. Bass Fox Repository
  7. Genie TV Repository

Super Repo

The Super Repo is an unbeatable Kodi repository rather than the other repositories. The Super repo is one of the world’s largest Kodi repository and it includes more than 3,000 channels. The Super Repo includes all the entertainment addons from live sports to movies, playing games to watching cartoons. It can take the Kodi fanatics over 6 months to find all its channels and still be left perplexed.

Noobs and Nerds

The Noobs and Nerds is yet another best Kodi repository after the Super Repo and it will surely make a smile on your face with its loads in terms of channels. It is also a stable repository, however it has recently made a change in its URL for unknown reasons, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is a complete entertainment package for your entire family.

The super repository can also contains some more channels for children where they could enjoy their favorite shows.

Xunity Talk Repo

At one time, the Xunity Talk Repository acting as a hub for so many channels that will be hosted the movies, TV shows, maintenance tool, and much more. Now you can only find a Stream Box channel that will show you movies and TV shows on demand.

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Kodi Official Repository

The Kodi has its own official repository which can be found within Kodi and can be easily retrieved without downloading any separate file for the repository. Since it is an official repository, you may not found any channel that could stream movies or TV shows. Anyhow, it does show a huge database of online channels where you can watch news, live sports, play games, listen to music, and so many great things to spend your quality time.

Dandy Media

The Dandy Media is also a great repository forever and is having a fine collection of channels where you can watch movies, TV shows, cartoon, random funny videos that will let you laugh out loudly, and the top 40 charts where you can listen to favorite songs that tops the list.

The Dandy Media is one of the great Kodi repository for entertaining its audience with laughing loudly, while it still cannot fail to entertain its audience with its huge movie database.


There are so many repositories are available on Kodi but some of them are not working properly. Here in this article we can provide the best working Kodi repositories forever. Hope this article helps you to know the best Kodi repositories. If you have any queries, Kindly do let us know via the below comments box.

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