My favorite list of UFC fighters of 2018

best ufc fighters

The electrifying and exhilarating number shows that have been telecast on UFC are just increasing year by year.  The incredible promotions of MMA are toting up new talents to its rank list. It’s never dull watching UFC, this season is famous and rankings have speckled this year. UFC introduces fighters with mixed martial arts competitors who hold the base in multiple wrestling and fighting.  The fighters are highly specialized in martial arts skills. This UFC is a fantastic mixed martial arts game. This year’s fighters have splashed the rankings. Now let see some of the best UFC players of 2018.

How do I watch UFC?

Well I have already mentioned in a post that I have a Roku Ultra and a Samsung S8 smartphone. I am streaming UFC on Roku and watch on my LG TV. If I am outside, I will just watch UFC on Mobdro directly in my smartphone.

Best players of UFC 2018

Israel Adesanya

Out of all magnificent new fighters of 2018, nobody has crashed the octagon as mind-blowing as Israel Adesanya. This stylish player was born in Nigeria, Adesanya joined in New Zealand’s middleweight.  After a massive and huge career in certified boxing and specialized kickboxing, he joined the UFC.  Being a debutant in UFC, Adesanya smashed the rankings with a triumphant victory and unbeaten record of 11-10.

Curtis Millender

Curtis Millender competed in UFC 2018, Millender amused everyone by his stunning and power packed striking game by conquering and defeating an absolutely treasured past player and the holder of welterweight title Thiago Alves. Millender splayed Alves with a knee to head punch in round two; this is first-time Alves was blocked with strikes in his entire profession.

Alexander Hernandez

Due to remorseless MMA training, many injuries happen in the selection stage of UFC fights. Many fresh and new talents are allowed to compete but these fighters who are selected as substitutes become world famous. These fighters experience true success and victory in this competition.  Some fighters have been exceptionally brilliant, like Alexander Hernandez. He was selected as an alternative fighter for bobby green as he was severely injured. Alexander Hernandez astoundingly defeated Dariush one of the celebrated UFC fighters, this extraordinary fight was done within forty-two seconds.

Blagoy Ivanon

The past championship holder of WSOF Blagoy Ivanon, he is already a world class player who smashed the rankings of heavyweight combatants.  It amazed many people when Blagoy was signed as a player for UFC.  As a UFC debutant Blagoy it was hard for him to defeat celebrated Fedor Emelianenko who was a heavyweight victor. Again during another fight, Ivanov was wrecked by losing the battle with Ciagano.  But Ivanov didn’t give up still fought strongly with the Brazilian, by striking punches in the correct time. Ivanov is considered to be a tough fighter in UFC 2018.  Now on his second UFC league, Ivanov has the potential power to contend against the best fighters.

Nikita Krylov

Nikita is called as “Nikki” by his huge fans worldwide.  Nikita has been established as a great fighter since his debut match in 2017, this incredible fighter flabbergasted everyone with his specialized fighting skills. His stardom is escalating with every match and Nikita is known as the rising champion in UFC 2018. He was signed for the light heavyweight division but Krylov merely lost only one match.

UFC 2018 has a lot of excitement and fun as its enthralling players are making this season more amusing.

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