Best Ghost Type Attackers Pokemon GO

ghost type attackers pokemon go

Ghost type attackers are rare pokemon that are hard to find in Pokemon go. Many wonder which ghost type attackers are best to play the game. If you are one, then you are at the right spot. This article will give a list of best ghost type attackers for you. Choose the best one based on the strength and weakness of ghost pokemon for your pokemon go. Without any ado, here we go with the list.

Best Ghost Type Attackers List

1. Gengar

Gengar is a two type pokemon which is evolved from Haunter that finally evolved in the form of Gastly. Gengar is a dark purple Pokemon with red eyes, wide mouth, pointed ears, sinister grin, and a round body shape. On the back, Gengar has numerous smaller spikes and stubby tail. 

This ghost type attacker has the ability to hide in the shadow of objects. Though its body acts as a heat sink, the presence of the Gengar will cool the temperature of its surroundings and absorb the warmth. 

  • Fast move – Lick
  • Charge move – Shadow ball
  • DPS – 17.91
  • TDO – 493.38

2. Giratina

Giratina is an interesting ghost type pokemon that has good defense and stamina stats. It is a large gray draconic pokemon with a gold crown-like surround on its head. In Altered Forme, Giratina has two large black wings with red tips and resembles claws. Further, these wings can change their shape while playing. In Origin Forme, it offers a serpentine look with six black streamers on the back with red spikes on its tip. 

Also, in Origin Forme, Giratina is able to control dimensions and travel through time and space. Legendary players claim that this pokemon will appear in cemeteries to live on the reverse side of the world. 

  • Fast move – Shadow claw
  • Charge move – Shadow ball
  • DPS  – 15.52
  • TDO – 929.45

3. Arceus

Arceus is another ghost type attacker that is strongest of other types. This ghost type is vulnerable to Dark and Ghost moves. This white equine has a striated pattern on its underside of mane, face, and tail. Arceus has four pointed feet with the gold hooves. In ancient times, this pokemon is used to care and protect the planet from cataclysms like meteors.  

Also, this pokemon will not suffer fools, and attacks in a violent manner if betrayed. Further, it holds long grudges if the pokemon is betrayed by its friends. On the whole, it is the only ghost type pokemon that learn judgement.

  • Fast move – Shadow claw
  • Charge move – Future Sight
  • DPS – 13.81
  • TDO – 873.78

4. Chandelure

Chandelure is a dual type pokemon that was introduced in fifth generation. Chandelure evolved from Lampent and results in the form of Litwick. This ghost type pokemon has rounded head, pupil-less yellow eyes, and arms that are tipped with purple fire. Chandelur’es fire will not burn its victim physically, instead it burns the victim’s spirit. 

  • Fast move – Hex
  • Charge move – Shadow ball
  • DPS – 15.82
  • TDO – 523.93

5. Golurk

Golurk is the final pick in our list. This is the best ghost type attacker that was introduced in fifth generation of Pokemon go. It is a golem-like pokemon that have good attacking power and stamina stats. Also, its defense is not bad either. This ghost type pokemon go, has good fast move and charge move to the lead in the game.

  • Fast move – Astonish
  • Charge move – Earth Power
  • DPS – 12.42
  • TDO – 457.04

Bottom lines

These are the best ghost type attackers in Pokemon go. So, if you are searching for the best ghost type Pokemon in your gameplay, then choose anyone from our list and enjoy playing your game. Good luck!

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