Most favorite places which I visited in my life

I have been visited so many places in my life. Ooty, Kodaikanal is my favorite places which I visit most. In general, Ooty and Kodaikanal are said to be hill station and always rain coming in that cities. When I think of Ooty, The vegetable ‘Carrot’ comes to my mind. Because It becomes very fresh and very eager to eat. Now Below I share my memorable places which I visit in my life.

My Most favorite places


I never forget my moments which I spent on Ooty when I was studying in 11th standard. School tour has been conducted and planned to go to Ooty for three days. I really enjoy traveling witravelingends. We take our own school bus for travelling. Lot of fun is happened during the travelling time. When I think about Ooty, Botanical Garden will blinks on my mind and takes me into that place suddenly.


I visit Kodaikanal for more than 3 times. Now I remember that, I had been going to Kodaikanal with my family in the year of 2003. That was one of my unforgettable moment in my life. The places like Guna cave, National public school are my favorite in Kodaikanal. Each and every moments are really enjoyable when I was in Kodaikanal with my family members.


Actually It is one of the temple town and also very famous in Tamilnadu. So many amazing things are happened in that temple which really impressed me to visit again and again. I like the god Lord Shiva, So, Rameswaram is my favorite spot for worship.


Goa is one of my favorite place and I visited to Goa for one time. When I was in travelling to Goa, I am feeling good and having so many expectations in my mind. In Goa, I can see different kinds of peoples from different countries. Each and Every place in Goa are really amazing and attractive. Actually Goa is considered to be a Party Town.


I never forget this moment when I was in Kuttralam. The waterfalls are really amazing to bath. The body pain is relieved when we take bath in Waterfalls. It keeps us always fresh and energetic. The foods which have been available in Kuttralam is very tasty and also healthy.


Actually I like travel. So I can travel so many places around tamilnadu and other state. In that, Some of the places are really remarkable in my life and some are feeling good. But, Ooty and Kodaikanal is my best favorite spot in my life. I never miss the oppurtunity to go to Ooty and Kodaikanal if it comes for me. Whenever I planned to go for outing, Previously I scheduled the visiting places and gather the information about the visiting spots. Suppose If I take Ooty, Milagai Bajji recipe is very famous and popular for it. Till my death I never forget my favorite places which I  like to visit mostly.




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