My Favorite foods of all times

My Favorite foods

Food is one of the basic needs in all our lives across the world. No one can live without food. If we research about food, we can find a lot of foods like Indian, Burma, and lots more. Food is the common thing but the taste only varies based on the country. Now I can explain what are all the foods I like most.


Briyani is really a famous and popular food for all not only for me. There are different kinds of Briyani is available like Dum Briyani, Veg Biryani, Hyderabad Briyani, and lots more. Weekly, I took briyani for three days. Because I like Briyani very much. Whenever I saw a Non-veg Hotel, I like to order the Mutton Briyani.


Naan is very famous food for north Indian. But I like Naan very much. It looks very beautiful and really yummy to taste it. Chicken Gravy is the best suit for Naan.


In general, Fish is one of the healthy dish for eyes. There are so many varieties of fish foods are available like fish fry, fish curry, fish briyani and much more. I really enjoyed while I am eating Fish.


It is one of the most common food in Tamilnadu. Idly is a healthy food for all. Because there is no oil to be added while Cooking Idly. Idly Fry, Idly Manchurian, Chilly Idly are some of my favorite food in Idly.


There are so many varieties are available in Dosa like Rava Dosa, Onion Dosa, Veg Dosa and lots more. In this, I like Onion Dosa very much and I repeatedly eating Onion Dosa.


I like Noodles very much. Whenever I get free, then I cook Noodles. In Noodles, Maggi is my favorite. Yippee, Hot Heads are some of the Noodles brands available in our market. But Maggi is constantly used by the people. It won’t gets much time to cook. Just 10 minutes we can easily cook the noodles.

Sea Foods

I like sea foods very much. Fish, Prawn, Krab are some of the seafood which is very famous to cook. Suppose, If I take Fish, I cook Fish briyani, Fish fry, Fish Curry and much more. Each seafood must have its own taste for us. Krab is really very useful for us to solve the cold problems easily.


Oats is one of my favorite dishes. It really gives more energy and healthier to us. It is highly recommended for all the peoples. Because It contains natural contents like grains etc. So, It can be easily digested food and reduce the unwanted fats in our body.


I like Pulp very much. It is a healthy food for us. Every day, I take pulp in the morning. It is also recommended one for all.

Variety Rice

There is so many variety rice are available like Lemon Rice, Tomato Rice, Tamarind Rice, Veg-Rice and lots more. All are to be good for our health and becomes very tastier for us.


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