My favorite Tamil movies of all times till 2017

A lot of Kollywood movies are coming out day by day. Some of them become very famous and some get bored. Old movies are really remarkable when compare it to the new movies. Technology-wise, Old movies are weaker than the newer one. But the themes which are present in the old movies become very popular and says the reality.

Now I share the list of Kollywood movies which are really impressed me a lot in the below section.

My favorite movie


When I was studying in 12th standard, Dasavatharam movie has been launched. In that, Actor KamalHaasan plays 1o different roles in that movie. It is also considered as one of the evergreen movies in the Kollywood. I saw this movie in Theatre with my friends. That was one of the nice experience in my life. Each and every character present in this movie are really impressed me a lot. Particularly, I like the character ‘Vincent Poovaragan’, He is a Dalit and fighting the Dalit rights and his speech is really inspired me.

Anbe Sivam

It is also one of my favorite movies. I saw this movie more than 2o times. At the time of releasing this movie, I am the first man present in the theatre with my family to saw that movie. I never forget this movie in my life. Because Kamal acts as a handicapped person in the second-half and says the reality of the human beings.


I love my mother very much. So, I can watch the movie ram for so many times. The total movies are set in Kodaikanal and the places are really impressed me while I am watching that movie. In that, Movie Actor Jeeva can never say the lie that is one of the best thing present in that movie.


It is also one of the evergreen Kollywood movies. Actor Madhavan plays a very important role in that movie. I had seen this movie in my home with my family members. Each scenes coming in this movie are said the reality and truth.


VIP is really an amazing movie and specially dedicated to the engineering graduates. The entire movie clearly shows the problems which have been faced by the engineering graduates. Finally, He got success in his project and started his own company and named it as VIP constructions. I saw this movie for 3 times. The first time, I go with my friends and Second Time, I go to the theatre with my family members.


It is one of the favorites and remarkable movie in my life. I have been watching this movie in the theatre with my friends in the year of 2009. In this movie, Surya is a graduate but he does some illegal business with prabu. It shows the intelligence of Surya for getting space from the police when they check him at the Airport.

These are all the Kollywood movies which have been impressed me a lot in my life and also learn many things from these movies.


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