Best Nidus Build Of Warframe(Updated List)

Warframe Nidus Build

Looking to get the best Warframe Nidus Build for your gameplay but doesn’t have an idea to equip it? Don’t need to think about it anymore. Here, we’ve listed the best Warframe Nidus build. Also, read the article here about How To Get Warframe Nidus Build. Now, let’s proceed with the article to rock the battleground with the best build.

Warframe Nidus Build

Nidus Build is one of the most affectionate Warframe builds, which has a great skill set with a cool theme. It is an overrun Warframe build that comprises many abilities. The Nidus Build is an excellent Warframe that shines almost in every role and is super hard to deal with the damage. Also, it brings a good crowd control while playing.

List of Best Nidus Warframe Build

Nidus Warframe is highly versatile and has three types of Warframe builds. With that being said, this Warframe is exceptionally well in endo farming, endless survival missions, and much more. Also, it is essential to engender a build as its abilities are mainly focusing on the build features.

1. The Standard Nidus Build

The latest version of the Nidus Build tries to give you the overall access to all potential things that the Warframe should offer to the gamer. The mods like Hunter adrenaline and Vitality are auto-included mods in any build that you are going to play. The Streamline and Stretch mods will give you the efficiency and range while playing the game. Whereas, Intensify and Transient fortitude mods can be used to improve the ability strength to the next level.

In case, if you have an energy pool to include the Umbral intensify over the normal version, then replace them. Also, if you don’t have any trouble with the energy pool, then replace Blind rage over the Transient fortitude mod. By replacing these mods, you can improve the damage output a bit more.

2. The Tank Build

There are many reasons why a player wishes to become super tanky. The endless run, high-level missions, and assassination targets can hit the Nidus quit harder than we think. As there is no regenerating shield, you should change your build most frequently to survive in the battleground during incoming damage. Hence, in addition to the Vitality mod, you should add Steel fiber and Armored ability to increase the armor from 450 to 915.

Also, combining these mods will provide excellent health regeneration from one of its abilities. This will help you to face even super high-level enemies in the battleground. If your Nidus need to handle the right amount of damage, then get the mutation stack to 100 as quickly as possible.

3. The Crowd Control Build

Playing crowd control in Warframe will make it feel weaker. But in some cases, you need to get the dedicated Crowd Control Build. You can play games with this build in every mission to snatch the rioter group from far away while engendering the mutation piles. The damage output of this build is not great. But, you can reduce the incoming damage by retaining in the battlefield.

Even, with this build, you can enhance the durability by replacing Constitution over Streamline which is more beneficial on the battlefield.

Bottom lines

Nidus is a unique build and the most loved Warframe by many gamers. Once you learn to make use of these Warframe Nidus Builds, get the best one for your gameplay, and defeat your rivals.

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