How do I watch sports on kodi for free


Kodi is mainly used to stream live content for free. And sports are one of the main events in kodi. And kodi can stream all the live sports and PPV matches for free. This is one of the main reason behind Kodi’s fame. The fame of kodi spread across like a wildfire when people started streaming all the PPV contents. The main reason for this fame is best kodi addons. These addons act as the medium to stream each and every content. Depending on the addon you are using, the content you can stream can vary. These addons are the stuff which converted a media player into the best streaming player. There are lots of addons available out there, here in this article we share some of the best addons to watch sports on kodi.


Best addons to watch sports on kodi

There are lots of addons available out there. But only a few addons are working properly. Here are the top two best addons, to watch all sports on kodi. If you are using kodi for a while you might hear of this addons. Make sure to try these addons. These addons are available in different repositories.

Sports devil kodi addon

Sports devil kodi addon is one of the most used and pioneer in the field of kodi addon. Lots of other addons copied their framework from the sports devil. It is one of the simplest kodi addons. The contents of this addons are categorized as live sports, highlights and live TV. Depending on your need you can choose any of them. And you will find the list of the available provider. Click on any of the providers and select the sport you want to watch. It will start streaming. Now enjoy the show. Most of the streaming links will be working and regularly updated.

Planet MMA Kodi addon

The MMA contents of the sports devil kodi addon are not working properly. So if you are looking for MMA streams, you need to install planet MMA Kodi addon. This is the most used addon to stream MMA content. And the best part is you can stream most of the UFC contents also. You can watch any of the matches for free. You don’t need any premium membership to stream the content from this addon. And the content of this addon is categorized as live, replay and highlights. In the live section, you can find the live matches of that particular day. You can find the previous matches in the reply section. The highlights sections hold only the best of the best. Make sure to try this addon if you are an MMA/UFC lover.

Well, these are the top two kodi addons available out there. These are the top two addons to watch sports on kodi for free. If you need more addons you can refer to the addons listed at Make sure to try these addons. Both of the addons are available in the supremacy repository. If you are facing any issue during the installation, make sure to comment below.

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